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In memory of one of the rare Elephant Twins, who died this week. Amboseli National Park African Bush Elephants, Maasai Mara Wasserschildkröten auf einem Felsen Group Of Turtles Sitting On Fontaine Eine Gruppe Wasserschildkröten an einem Brunnen Hippopotamuses , Lake Naivasha Underground Wombat Burrow - Located at Australia 4472ex  P900  content Koala Two Cows in Love Image taken from page 775 of '[Manual of Geology: treating of the principles of the science with special reference to American geological history ... Revised edition.]' Parasaurolophus cyrtocristatus in the Evolving Planet exhibit at the Field Museum Bison's Got An Itch Grazing on the Prairie Eating on the Prairie Jurassic Herbivorous Anca Dryophthorinae weevil from a West-Javan lowland rainforest IMG_2324 i 27 09 003 IMG_6453_1019 land mullet (3 of 3) The koala's elbow What a load of bull alpine white goat Well camouflaged caterpillars and the damage they have caused! this is a Schizura Unicornis (Unicorn Caterpillar), or more commonly know as a moth caterpillar IMG_2323 Surprisingly Tame Hyrax, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve & National Park, Israel 31/05/2011 Florida Cooter
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