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Hearts 6/25/19


Coeur-Saignant blanc - Bleeding Heart 'Alba'

"Heartbreaker, Dream Maker"

Mr. Red - yesterday

from the series "the rights of spring", painting by scott richard 2009

THIS IS WRONG Hearts Materials Shine


"La la la Love you" THE PIXIES.

19th May 2019


Hearts and Hard Places

Locks 2

Leigh Tanna's Signature

Valentine's Day Embroidered Wall Hanging




Les rattes se font sauter...



"Il Massacro di Brandeburgo Numero Tre in Sol Maggiore" AREA.


A short love story

Calico pennant (Celithemis elisa) - first of the year


"Amour, Anarchie" Léo Ferré.

Pottery Class

Pottery Class

Pottery Class

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