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DSC_6736 Metro Lacour-St Emilion, Paris. a poem from 1993 & paper-trailing the real truth (with IMAGE LINKS)  & then there's the UNDERSIGHTED Maltese Cross Valentine's Card Hallo Papa Rhein Hearts In A Tree Amaranth Hearts (ANSH scavenger4): Kawakawa leaves HEARTBREAKER Valentine DSC_6733_edit Be still my heart Koffin Nails by Dark Passions Freely Given Discounted Valentines Chocolates Love Sculpture at Hakka Cultural Park in Taipei Valentine's Sphere Bottle of Hearts [FlickrFriday] [Love Potion] Valentine's Day - Petals of Piccadilly Be Mine #hearts (Trending Twitter Topics from 14.02.2019) Thursday, 14th, 2019, I nearly forgot this year IMG_2762 HEARTS My Funny Valentine Playing With My Heart! Honey Bear I Love You This Much Candy Hearts Conversation Hearts Finding Heart G is for Gather
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