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marriage equality

marriage equality

interlocking hearts represent family, because marriage is a union that has historically indicated family development.

who has the right to raise children?

who gets to engineer families?

marriage equality gives that right to everyone, not just singular heterosexual unions.

to feel loved and cherished, welcomed into citizenry in the u.s., marriage discrimination must end. is an intentional form of homophobia and disdain and allows unconscious antipathy to live freely unchecked or brought to awareness.

no child should grow up thinking suicide or disease is their fate. this includes children who are hungry and need water, and it also children who are gay and are ostracized. children who are bullied and beaten down do not make the kind of citizens that a great society requires even if they become amazing artists or musicians or performers.

children need to feel like their ownership within the society won't kill them with a baseball bat or talk behind their back and denigrate them. a child that believes they will create their own family one day is very different from a child who isn't allowed to dream this dream.

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Photo taken on 30 August 2009 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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