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Portrait of a friend Kuan Yin Teng or Temple of the Goddess Mercy - George Town, Penang, Malaysia Nelson Mandela / south bank SAOUDIEN, ARABIE  SAOUDITE U1642331-20 U1642331 U1502850 U1502849 20130106-perryj1-DSC_0074-Edit.jpg 20121128-perryj1-DSC_0026.jpg 20121113-perryj1-DSC_4900.jpg 20121113-perryj1-DSC_4879.jpg 20121017-perryj1-DSC_2170.jpg 20121017-perryj1-DSC_2093.jpg 20130409_Tea_0009 20130409_Tea_0016 20130409_Tea_0018 20130409_Tea_0020 20130409_Tea_0023 20130409_Tea_0024 20130409_Tea_0030 20130409_Tea_0038 20130409_Tea_0045 20130409_Tea_0049 20130409_Tea_0050 20130409_Tea_0051 20130409_Tea_0059 20130409_Tea_0065 20130409_Tea_0070 20130409_Tea_0085
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