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George Washington by James Fuller Queen (1820/1821-1886). Original from Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Vietnam War 1967 - Young Viet Cong Prisoner Smoking CommSocpe Lifestyle Images One minute portrait Reflection 999 DAYS Man on black (15 May 1910) 1987 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - Former South Vietnamese Vice President Gen. Nguyen Cao Ky Young Girl Đà Lạt 1952 - Trường Võ bị Đà Lạt U1642331-20 U1642331 GettyImages-138537925 U1174282.jpg strutting tall Robin with dandruff On Camera (Viewfinder) 42-26912091 06 Jan 1964, Paris, France --- Marianne Faithfull on the banks of the Seine river in Paris. --- Image by © Pierre Fournier/Sygma/Corbis 09 Feb 1966, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Maybe next advertising campaign for Head and Shoulders Shampoo U1502850 Portrait of a friend Kuan Yin Teng or Temple of the Goddess Mercy - George Town, Penang, Malaysia 20130409_Tea_0009 20130409_Tea_0016 20130409_Tea_0018 20130409_Tea_0020 20130409_Tea_0023 20130409_Tea_0024
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