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Plantain-Banana Gianduja Bread Plantain-Banana Gianduja Bread crozes hermitage Albinyana Albaricoques nut harvester hopper Have Some Breakfast, Fast Sprinkle of Sand(ing Sugar) I Could Eat This Raw Told Ya So 2010/19/09 Will it Fold?? Meet the Pan! Sweet. 2010/10/09 Apple-Filbert Muffins! DSC_2104 P1060230 Oooh, Drizzle All The Food Groups! Eat Your Veggies! 2010/04/08 Vegan cherry smoothie / Batido vegano de cerezas Hazel nuts - (Cob nuts) Hazel nuts - (Cob nuts) DSC_1534 Dessert at Brian's graduation party Oat and Hazelnut Tahini Cookies with Raw Cocoa Nibs Avellanas tostadas con merengue, cacao y una pizca de sal Mixed Nuts
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