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Boys in Hawzien The Nine Saints Ethiopian Coffee Pots Hawzien Street Tigray Women Fire Sticks, Tigray Hawzien night Tigray children Collecting firewood Trio and mountain Debre Tsion (aka Abune Abraham) rock-hewn church The glow of the sandals Tigray landscape Tigray landscape The monk on the cliff The rock pinnacle to Abuna Yamata Guh Abuna Yamata Guh Abuna Yamata Guh Abuna Yamata Guh Climbing up to Abuna Yamata Guh Freweyni afternoon Hawzien scene Afraid of heights? This is they way... Gheralta landscape Hawzien walk Tigray landscape Freweyni afternoon and drink delivery Freweyni afternoon Livestock and minaret I got up there
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