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Storage Bin - broken and dirty

Storage Bin - broken and dirty

This is a large, and previously lockable, black plastic bin at the entrance to the alley linking St Loys Road N17 to Forster Road. It's a few yards from Tottenham High Road. The nearest address is a shop at 1 St Loys Road.

Some of these bins were installed by Haringey Council to store street cleaners' bags awaiting collection. (Distinctive purple with black stripes.) This aimed to tackle the problem that leaving purple bags on the street for collection encouraged and maybe "invited" people to leave more litter and waste next to them.

On 24 September 2019 the lid had been broken-off. The bin appeared to lack drainage holes, so liquid seeping from the bags had collected at the bottom. Lack of a lid added rainwater and litter to the slurry at the bottom of the bin.

§ I reported it to Haringey using the free website FixMyStreet.

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Photo taken @ H on 24 September 2019 (© Alan Stanton / Flickr)

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