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Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed, Somali people, Hassan Dahir Aweys 10102010337 10102010336 Is he an AMISOM peacekeeper or AMISHAR Sharif-protector?, President Sharif Ahmed, President Sharif SHARIF and TFG Hypocrisy President Sharif Ahmed on the back of a tired AMISOM peacekeaper Al Shabab and President Sharif, sitting on the back of AMISOM peacekeeper, are secretly cooperating with each other while Somali people are crying Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin), Meles Zenawi and members of Somali parliament President Sharif's large delegation leaving Somalia President is holding a plane and describing how he enjoys when it takes off while Al-Shabab are fighting on the ground and watching him. Sharif Ahmed should be told to stay Somalia fight against Al Shabab and to limit  his never ending flights. President Sharif Ahmed and Hillary Clinton Prime Minister Abdirashid and President Sharif. President Sharif Ahmed Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi and his lovely Somalia leaders President Sharif Ahmed (on his chest), Riyaale, Faroole President Sharif Ahmed leading a tank to Mogadishu President Sharif and Hassan Dahir Aweys President Sharif on a wagon carrying money and guns President Sharif Ahmed  and Hillary Clinton President Sharif, Xisbul Islam,Shabab and Ahlu Sunnah President Sharif sitting on chair on piles of money President Sharif and Aweys and Al-Shabab President Sharif shown here with dying and crying Somali people waiting president who is enjoying in some luxury hotels abroad. President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif Ahmed is a failed leader Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) President Sharif Ahmed Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif Ahmed, AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab Minister from Sharif's government President Sharif Ahmed, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid
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