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Camels on way to Hargeisa market

doing the math

stacks of money

Happy 17th Birthday, Somaliland - The Freedom Arch

Somaliland - Hargeisa - outside the Masno restaurant

Hargeisa - outside Raaxo Supersports

Hargeisa - hustle and bustle downtown

Hargeisa - Shop fronts

People movement

education bureau

sweets shop



boy and birds


haatuf newspaper

Colours at the goat market

Fruit man

Hargeisa market trader

At Hargeisa club

Hargeisa club

Nomad with stick and water cannister

Nomad with camel

Nomad with camel on way to Berbera

Pounding the grain in Hargeisa

Fly Daallo and share the cabin with goats

Fred with bougainvillea

Ambassador the lion

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