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Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed, Somali people, Hassan Dahir Aweys

Al Shabab and President Sharif, sitting on the back of AMISOM peacekeeper, are secretly cooperating with each other while Somali people are crying " We Need Peace and Life"

Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin), Meles Zenawi and members of Somali parliament

President Sharif's large delegation leaving Somalia

President Sharif Ahmed and Hillary Clinton

Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi and his lovely Somalia leaders President Sharif Ahmed (on his chest), Riyaale, Faroole

President Sharif Ahmed and Hillary Clinton

President Sharif sitting on chair on piles of money

President Sharif and Aweys and Al-Shabab

Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) President Sharif Ahmed Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid

President Sharif Ahmed, AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab

Minister from Sharif's government

President Sharif Ahmed, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid

Aweys vs Sharif

President Sharif Ahmed

President Sharif Ahmed and Hassan Dahir Awey

Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) and President Sharif Ahmed

Walad Abdalla - Somalia UN Envoy, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid, President Sharif Ahmed

Somaliland Presidential elections - front page news in NRC






My Dad's pet cheetah

My Dad and his pet cheetah

Hargeisa by night

shop keepers



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