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Photos Hargeisa, Hargaysa, Hargeysa

Schoolgirls Nomad with stick and  water cannister Camels on way to Hargeisa market Hargeisa Spring Water Somaliland craft School Schoolchildren Nomad with camel Nomad with camel on way to Berbera Pounding the grain in Hargeisa Fly Daallo and share the cabin with goats Fred with bougainvillea A dream home in Hargeisa Ambassador the lion Yes, they eat camels Hargaysiyo Colourful shopfront Hargeisa The green mosque The green mosque Ottoman shopfront Hargeisa The fighter plane monument Niil Rural life Country waiter Hargeisa fire brigade Restaurant Hargeisa traffic police Hargeisa livestock market 4 Hargeisa livestock market 5 Hargeisa livestock market 2
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