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President Sharif's large delegation leaving Somalia President Sharif Ahmed and Hillary Clinton President Sharif on a wagon carrying money and guns President Sharif Ahmed Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) President Sharif Ahmed Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid President Sharif Ahmed, AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab Minister from Sharif's government Aweys vs Sharif President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif Ahmed and Hassan Dahir Awey Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) and President Sharif Ahmed Walad Abdalla - Somalia UN Envoy, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid, President Sharif Ahmed My Dad and his pet cheetah The DLS Locust group in Hargeisa Russian tank in Somaliland marching orders Hargeisa by night shop keepers spice somali dusty alley early morning traffic Hargeysa Teahouse super data sandy road shoe shine Hargeisa, Somaliland Hargeisa, Somaliland football! mike
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