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Hargeisa Motor Sales Payment ward, Hargeisa General Hospital - where I was born 1 Women at street corner market Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somaliland School children, Fadumo Wiixi School School children, Fadumo Wiixi School Schoolchildren School roster Fadumo, Head and Fred Africa On.... Mosque - Masjid Traditional houses Tank - a nasty reminder of the nasty civil war Laasa Geel rock painting 6 Looking at rock paintings, Laasa Geel Laasa Geel expedition Edna with guard and guides, Laasa Geel Laasa Geel Laasa Geel rock painting 2 The River in Hargeisa Equal Justice Under the Law Street cafe, Hargeisa Hargeisa footballers 1 Football Hargeisa - Shop fronts Hargeisa - Ali Mataan Coffee Shop and Coffeeteria Hargeisa - Jano Spare Parts The two famous maiden's breasts, Hargeisa Resting in a wheelbarrow, Hargeisa Building site, Hargeisa
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