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IMG_1531 Almost abstract: coloured cords and jerry cans People watching in  Harar P3092279 IMG_1535 IMG_1530 IMG_1528 IMG_1521 IMG_1518 IMG_1517 IMG_1513 IMG_1506 IMG_1499 IMG_1486 Man at the market Hyena man of Harar Minaret and mound of rubbish Almost abstract: build your own... whatever Almost abstract: coloured drums and hanging laundry Waiting for a free meal P3092294 P3092276 girls P3092274 P3092271 P3092270 P3092260 P3092258 harar manfred P3092248 the wall harar P3092238 harar
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 ethiopia, africa, street, travel, etiopia, hyena, market, children, portrait, woman
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