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Scream and shout.

Scream and shout.

If a caller upsets you, do you throw the phone across the room?
Do you curse and blast the horn furiously if the driver in front of you takes three seconds to notice the green traffic light?

An angry temperament can hurt more than relationships -- anger and heart disease may go hand in hand, according to experts.

"We are talking about people who seem to experience high levels of anger very frequently," says Laura Kubzansky, PhD, MPH, an assistant professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who has studied the role of stress and emotion on cardiovascular disease.

Moderate anger may not be the problem, she says. In fact, expressing one's anger in reasonable ways can be healthy. "Being able to tell people that you're angry can be extremely functional," she says.

But explosive people who throw things or scream at others may be at greater risk, as well as those who harbor suppressed rage, she says. "Either end of the continuum is problematic."

Gender doesn't appear to make much difference, she adds. "Once people are chronically angry, men and women seem to be at equally high risk."

(Candid shot, French market Loolay).

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Photo taken @ Loulay on 1 September 2016 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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