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a friendly Great blue skimmer

a friendly Great blue skimmer

We didn't net this guy nor pick him up - he came to us! It all started when the skimmer was perching overhead in a tree maybe 30 feet away. Suddenly he shot down like a bullet right towards me ... I held out my left hand and he landed. I've never had a dragonfly land on me quite this way. While I got the S5 in position he climbed on Damian's fingers (photo) ... and eventually perched back on my hand, then walking stick, and in the weeds. Lots of fun. It was so wet this day from endless rain that we were often wading through temporary pools of water - which flooded my water-proof hiking boots. (Atlanta had 8 inches of rain in July.) Rain starts back today!

>> at the wetlands, North Georgia, August

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Photo prise le 3 août 2018 (© Vicki's Nature / Flickr)

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