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Hammies at Home #1

Hammies at Home #1

Created with Commix, which is way too much fun.

(If only you could save the images.)

(I am counting on art critics to be willing to consider the Twinkie and Puff shapes to be stylized dwarf hamsters.)

(See, it works because Elizabeth Joy and Sparrow, aka Dart, live in their own happy exclusive world. Toss runs-runs-runs in the wheel. Feta has a little stuffed mouse that's as big as he is for a friend, plus he often wears a dapper sort of hat. And Helix loves everyone, while his roommate Hammond peeps around the corner, not sure whether to commit until he knows whether seeds are involved.)

(Oh, it looks like you have to log in to Commix now. But I think maybe now you can save, too. Whee!)

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Photo taken on 13 October 2006 (© Miss Shari / Flickr)

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