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For 'Macro Mondays' theme of 'Curves'.

At least its fairly unlikely that anybody will have photographed a spring like this for the subject. I get a lot of inspiration from our kitchen area and this spring forms the handle of the cooker hotplate. Not your usual sort of cooker - this one heats all our domestic water and provides central heating as well.
Every so often I do remove one of these handles to give it a good clean and this was my intention yesterday. And I thought I had done quite a good job until I looked on the screen at this photograph !! Another case of 'could do better'!

The usual set-up too.
- handle on a piece of paper on top of the desk top
- lit with one lamp
- a piece of red card placed to reflect some colour into the photograph.
- camera on a tripod
- shutter set at 2 second time release to minimise shake.

Russian Jupiter 11 135mm ...................................... less than 3"

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Photo taken on 16 June 2019 (© jesse1dog / Flickr)

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