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今年最後の三月兎氷柱 A small local grocery store where we purchased some much needed drink, on our sun-paved way into town. Sitting at the edge of town, its view of the Cape is impressive.  The water was bone-chillingly cold, however. The two bubbles above Jordan Pond. #acadianationalpark Coming down the mountain, bringing our tans and burned eyes. A view from (near) the top of Cadillac Mountain. #acadianationalpark アベノ橋もパチンコになってるのか 創元のTwitter フェア Seafood stew at Tamarind cafe, Bar Harbor, whose free wi-fi is the star attraction. A view up one of the mountains, a rainy Wednesday from the road. Topological map of Mount Desert Island, inside Acadia Park's Hulls Cove visitor center. On the way to the dentist. Bratwurst, sauerkraut and lentils. Takin' it easy and keeping cool at the park today. Lunch Aug 25, 2010 Dusk in Bar Harbor, the land bridge, ideal for low-tide beachcombing, visible in the background. Last Sunday in jonesport, ME, a fishing village, the smell of fish and cry of seagulls permeating. Archambault at Berri and Sainte-Catherines. ヨーグルッペなう。 町の側は回線速い 海水浴場閉鎖です 根占迂回路は長いな 笹原峠なう。案外低い300m Shadow man. Info booth of animals that can be found in Tommy Thompson park.  No squirrels.  Cormorants are destroying trees. The rain stopped. A little pre-show before The Room at #TheRoyal. ビックサイトからも見えるタワー Penelope likes humidity. Connecticut & Beach. 「通常は二足歩行です」な自衛隊のポスター
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