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Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon taxi's on the way to the runway during COPE North 19 Solders form Task Force Talon conduct a practice missile reload and unload drill of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system at Guam Missile Training Taeniophyllum marianense.Photo credit: Dusty Janeke 180118-N-KG618-1049 180118-N-KG618-1174 U.S. Airmen, in support of Exercise Sea Dragon guide a VP-47 P8A Poseidon aboard Anderson Air Base U.S., Australian and Republic of Korea leaders meet during the commencement of Exercise Sea Dragron 180115-N-KG618-1033 180318-F-RU983-0115 181026-F-EZ530-0340 181213-F-GA541-0415 DoD leadership attend Guam's 13th gubernatorial inauguration at the University of Guam Calvo Field House in Mangilao 190102-N-PA017-5068 190107-N-VR594-1002 181228-N-VR594-1035 #guam #food #delicious Ramen Chamorro sampler #guam #food #delicious #guam #food #delicious #guam #food #delicious 190122-N-VR594-1309 P-8A Poseidon taxis down the flightline after returning from a flight during Exercise Sea Dragon 180118-N-KG618-1006 180117-N-KG618-1219 180117-N-KG618-1155 180116-N-KG618-1002 180115-N-KG618-1183 180114-N-KG618-2034
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