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Unknown group posing with an accordian Netherlands, Arnhem. Park Sonsbeek. 139401_3784 Bloco Me Esquece 2015 Umoja Des Moines Camera Club Shooters - L+D14 2012 CIBC Run for the Cure Timor-Leste's José Ramos-Horta brings message of hope to Parliament Three lionesses... Two lionesses and Mbali Three lionesses posing well Three lionesses and Mbali <333 Hancock Shakers Village - Shaker commune in Hancock and Pittsfield - Massachusetts  -  Now a Museum - Laundry Room Floating in the summer Dassanech Kids Dassanech Girl Dassanech Tribe Concerned Dassanech Old lioness posing well Elder Accepts Coffee Gift Banna Tribe Perspectives of life Selling Cactus Fruit Ready for action Karo Men Play Mancala Frozen Who knew these were the good old days. Borana Tribe Borana Street
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