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Sativus The Diamond, Derry City Poppies stormy Richardson Place (1894) – northwest corner roofline detail 18th May 2012 Pint-sized The Saint Lawrence River, Québec Small and far away NY graphic-11 frankfort boat launch Ardal Church The Birds vs. The Fog Tour de la cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris - Notre Dame Cathedral tower Frowning Lake Foot of the mountain #4 365 arlophotochallenge 149 / 365 - Enpowered birds in branches on beacon Sizergh Castle Richardson Place (1894) – northwest corner roofline detail Wallace Monument green moon Green under Grey. Storm clouds Storm clouds I recieved two messages telling me to take this photo mjc-100511-2484 mjc-100511-2478 mjc-100511-2467 Spring Flight
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 sky, grey, clouds, trees, rain, cloudy, tree, water, gray, cloud
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