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Roman forum and ancient Agora in Thessaloniki Interior of the Church of St. Demetrios Luftbild von Tuna Rigas Hotel und Magia Bar in Afitos Phidias(?), Parthenon sculptures DSC00269.jpg DSC00209.jpg narcisus in love Street Market Christina Perri 08/20/2015 #35 Alabaster cinerary urn of Vel Remzna Crespe with the murder of Clytemnestra (1) Heracles’ First Labor: The Nemean Lion - II Frying pan from Chalandriani (NM 5012) Marble head of a colossal statue of Serapis. Patras, 2nd cent. AD Foundation of the Siphnian Treasury Persian and Macedonian fighting Coast of Greece Pope Neolithic Greece Figurines bloom Diskobolos (discus thrower) 2nd century CE Roman copy of 450-440 BCE Greek bronze by Myron recovered from Emperor Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli Italy (8) Fragment V Su Lin's almond shortbread Bases with choregic monument Great Western Terrace Death assemblage at the Ligourio fossil-house, December 2006 Mycenaean ceramics from tholos tombs at Agios Elias. Church and theater, Tegea Amrit (Marathos)
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