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Ceramic vessel from Vrychos, Samothrace Stone mold for metal casting from Vrychos, Samothrace Terracotta lamp from Mikro Vouni, Samothrace Four Minoan clay nodules and two roundels found at Mikro Vouni, Samothrace Minoan clay nodules found at Mikro Vouni, Samothrace Bronze Age stamp seals from Mikro Vouni, Samothrace Minoan cup from Mikro Vouni, Samothrace Stele inscribed in Latin and Greek with names of initiates at Samothrace from Rome and Catania Stele with Samothracian inscription Bronze vessel handle with Samothracian inscription Attic Black Gloss kylix rim with Samothracian inscription Vessel in the form of a woman's head, from Samothrace Marble plaque with relief representing double axe and upturned pilos from Samothrace Are you hungry? Athens lizard person Church at Kapsia Type B2 Ionian cups from Tomb 8 at Via Madonna delle Grazie, Stabiae Kouros Stageira: Tomb of Aristotle? Stageira: Tomb of Aristotle? Stageira: Tomb of Aristotle? Cycladic Middle Geometric krateriskos in Rome East Greek oinochoe in the Sinopoli Collection, 1 Neolithic kantharos from Mikro Vouni, Samothrace
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