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Hillsides, Meadows and Trees to Take in Along the Wind Cave Canyon Trail (Wind Cave National Park) Badland Formations Around the Ben Reifel Picnic Area and Visitor Center (Badlands National Park) Prairie of Tall Grasses with a Hillside Backdrop (Black & White, Wind Cave National Park) I Crave to See I Snowcapped Mountains Trees Along Cold Spring Creek While Hiking Along the Lookout Point Trail (Wind Cave National Park) Rolling Hills with Morning Overcast Skies (Wind Cave National Park) To Catch the Breath or Touch the Air of Nature's Wildness (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Cascade River Road Surrounded by a Forest of Vibrant Greens A Herd of Bison on a Hillside in Custer State Park First Views Across the Prairie Landscape and Rolling Hills of Wind Cave National Park American Bison Grazing Along the Hillsides and Flynn Creek (Custer State Park) I Stood and Looked Across the Hillsides (Black & White, Custer State Park) Layer Upon Layer (Custer State Park) A Park Bench Allowed Me to Sit and Contemplate the Mysteries of a World Around (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) First Sightings of Bison in Custer State Park The Butterflies Dance Amongst the Flowers Inviting Me to Take in the Mysteries of Nature (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Hilltops, Forest and Mountains That Stretch to the Far off Horizon (Custer State Park) Views of Wyoming While Walking the Tower Trail (Devils Tower National Monument) Train Tracks Leading off into a Distant Forest (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) A Portrait Orientation of the Gateway Arch and Some Nearby Trees (Gateway Arch National Park) Prairie Grasses, Ponderosa Pines and Blue Skies with Clouds for a Setting with Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) (Black & White) Yellow Flowers and Clouds in Devils Tower National Monument A Backdrop of Blue Skies and Clouds for Devils Tower (Bear Lodge, Black & White) Small Town Roads of Kentucky Trees Stretching for Miles and Miles Across the Rolling Hillsides (Custer State Park) Under the Ohio (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) I Can Only Imagine the Views on a Sunny Day... (Custer State Park) I Came Across a Sight in the Woods of a Beauty Untold (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Reflections of a Barn with Red Trimming (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) The Gateway Arch as a Backdrop for a Hillside of Trees (Gateway Arch National Park)
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