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2018 - Romania - Bucharest - Graffiti +

2018 - Romania - Bucharest - Graffiti +

While Bucharest has many fine well kept architectural gems, there is also an underside to the stock.

Many of the grand old buildings in Romania’s capital are now valued and increasingly sought after on the real estate market, others are caught up in endless litigation or are simply left to rot.

They are now period building gems but today many are in advanced state of disrepair, and many are being pulled down in order to erect ugly ramshackle commercial structures under the indifference of authorities and ignorance of many of Bucharest’s citizens about their own heritage and identity.

Bright red dots line the heart of Bucharest buildings, warning passersby of impending collapse.

Scores of modernist highrises in the Romanian capital are marked with tire-sized signs that carry an ominous warning: “This building has been categorized by technical expertise under Class 1 seismic risk.”

The street with the most red dots, according to city documents, is Calea Victoriei, a wide avenue in the downtown core featuring theatres and upscale shops.

According to the Romanian National Institute for Earth Physics, three regional tectonic plates meet at Vrancea County in the centre of the country, a rare alignment that almost guarantees powerful earthquakes.

Their origin is the collision and friction of the larger system formed by the collision in southern Europe between the major African, European and also Arabian tectonic plates, which in the course of geological times formed the mountainous chains that include the Alps, the Carpathians or the Caucasus.

The nearby Carpathian Mountains project the waves, meaning even smaller tremors reach Bucharest, some 150 kilometres away. The 1977 earthquake in Vrancea measured 7.2 on the Richter scale, killing 1,500 in the capital downing 35 high rises and damaging scores of historic buildings.

Tremors measuring more than 7 in magnitude also took place in 1908 and 1940.

The Romanian government started issuing red dots in 2007, marking buildings that were likely to collapse during an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or higher.

There are now approximately 375 buildings in Bucharest rated a Class 1 risk.

The buildings most at danger were built between WWI & II. Many of these buildings still bear the scars of the 1977 earthquake. Estimates indicate there are around a thousand historical buildings in danger in Bucharest, with just 26 having been strengthened in the past 20 years.

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Photo prise @ Bucharest le 29 avril 2018 (© Ted's photos - Returns late Feb / Flickr)

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