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Canada Geese at Bladensburg 06 octobre 2007 Alfortville Rue Etienne Dolet Clochette avec oies (1) Cow Pond Windsor Great Park 18 April 2019 013 Gosling Surf Boat, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia Bluenose Class Sloop, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia Mum and Dad White swan in the water Honk worried goose The world in a bird's eye Canada Geese and babies Fancy. Calvados Apfelbranntwein und Origami-Schwan vor weißem Hintergrund White origami swan isolated on white background (Flip 2019) P2250022 Nag's Head, Wood Green, N22 Greylag goose, Cumbria, UK (25/3/19) Gosling-24703 TuSw_27011.jpg Graugans (Anser anser) beim Trinken Mother Goose Branta canadensis Branta canadensis Safe Spot Geese Man with birds Canadian goose Canadian goose look at me
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