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Last light,

Last light,

I often ponder about life and how we come into it on a journey destined for the eventual finality (whenever that may be!) But for everything in between, these extreme opposites I realise are gifts and each day we live filled with the potential to create our own miracles.
So live your lives I say, try not to allow it to live or rule you so as that you lose track of sight or touch of what is most important (the positive experiences such as love!) for when we leave 'I ' believe that it is our life experience that we take with us depending on, or how we filled those lives & hearts.

I try to follow these simple rules and so far it has helped me to remain true to myself and others while staying sane enough continue my art & outreach.

Don't hurt or break things,

Never let an argument last longer than the shadow of day,

Smile every time you realise that you are alive.

Help others not because you can but because you really

Do good deeds that will be known only to yourself.

Never be too busy on things that take you away from the most important ones.)

Live long.
Live strong.
Live true.


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Photo taken on 10 April 2015 (© The Naked Ape / Flickr)

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