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Drake and Future 2016 Summer Sixteen Tour “I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.” – Lewis Black I just need... L1002929.jpg L1002976.jpg L1001998.jpg L1001244.jpg L1005686.jpg Nice cow! Operações Aéreas, Rondônia Don't Forget Intellectual Leg Day Don't be the intellectual version of that guy who neglects leg day. You know the type. They spend hours at the gym working their upper body because someone told them girls go gaga over guns. But they never work their legs IMG_0169 Last light, OMEA band competition at Lancaster Ohio 20140720k Vegan ice cream (strawberry & chocolate) | Sweden Waiting for the weekend rush! 20130612_30k Big vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie | New York City, USA IMG_1701.JPG Gärdsmyg / Wren Kråka / Hooded Crow Stjärtand / Northern Pintail Törnsångare / Common Whitethroat Lövsångare / Willow Warbler Bradford on Avon 29 September 2012 (35) Club Aluminium Cookware - 1968 truth good mail day, part 2 2010 All Girl Cayucos Pier Classic-164 2010 All Girl Cayucos Pier Classic-159 2010 All Girl Cayucos Pier Classic-136
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