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La Gomera - Valle Gran Rey - LA PLAYA Sunset La Gomera - Valle Gran Rey - LA PLAYA Dirty glowing lightbulb Bloody sunset (E)Motion Close-up shot of glowing filaments in an incandescent light bulb Double helix shaped filaments in a light bulb After christmas madness HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 - Let's hope for the best!!! Sun shines through Advent mood Wintry sunset Glowing Mushroom Sunset - Sonnenuntergang - Sylt Into the sunset - Sylt shining Garden blossoms Sylt - Cloudy day Christmas greetings Forest Light Unusually designed desk lamp with large glowing filaments Female desire Abendsonne im Wald Maize field in the sunset Nature blossoms - Wiesen-Schaumkraut (Cardamine pratensis) „Weihnachten heißt: Die Kraft der Liebe wird den Hass ins Unrecht setzen“ - Ars Electronica Center from the distance Ticino Selection Ticino Selection
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