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Strong Sister Run 2015 Strong Sister Run 2015 DSC_0247.jpg Town of Veradero.. me, Caroline, and Joanne.. Hilarious Taximan John.. Casa de la Musica Sophia's (8) at the Habana Bus Station lunch.. Caroline and I 'delecting' an amazing fruit salad.. Havana, Cuba.. Assoc Canaria de Cuba.. me dancing with Victor.. Joanne and i.. Ride to Habana (4) Matanzas, Cuba.. Caroline and me.. Varadero, Cuba.. Kirk and Caroline.. Varadero, Cuba.. me.. in Havana, Cuba..  dancing salsa on the streets of Havana.. in Havana, Cuba.. at the Habana Casa De La Musica.. in Havana, Cuba.. me and my mojito at the Hotel Nacional.. in Havana, Cuba.. Caroline, me, and Joanne.. and Plaza de la Revolución behind us.. in Havana, Cuba.. at the bus station.. getting our delicious dinner from a local vendor.. in Havana, Cuba.. our taxi that took us to Havana.. in Cuba.. Caroline pretending to drive our taxi.. on our way to Havana.. Matanzas, Cuba.. me, by the river.. in Cuba.. trip to Cuba.. on a double-decker bus, on our way to Town of Varadero.. trip to Cuba.. our resort, from the outside.. trip to Cuba.. trip to Cuba.. tha beach.. trip to Cuba.. Caroline, Joanne, and me.. trip to Cuba.. Joanne and Caroline.. trip to Cuba.. beautiful sunset..
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