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Gheralta Priest Hidden Rock Churches Tigray landscape The rock pinnacle to Abuna Yamata Guh Abuna Yamata Guh Abuna Yamata Guh Éthiopie, Gheralta, église de Mariam Korkor Hawzien night - the barber is open Hawzien night Trio and mountain The monk on the cliff Afraid of heights? This is they way... The view from on high Injera en Gheralta Lodge Gheralta Lodge massif du Gheralta 2012 massif du Gheralta 2012 Near Gheralta IMGP3213.JPG IMGP3201.JPG IMGP3167.JPG IMGP3125.JPG Éthiopie, Gheralta: Abuna Yemata Guh daniel, evening climbing down daniel outside abuna yemata church ceiling inside abuna yemata church priest and son daniel at the church entrance don't look down
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