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Maxi 5 months old today Maxi 5 months old today Is it a cat or a mouse? I know what you are up to... Would you drop something for me? Would you rub me, please? Full attention - in B&W Full attention - in color Akela knows how to pose for a portrait Akela watching Please, give that piece of cheese to me Afternoon walk with Akela Squirrel Hunter Squirrel! Isla and Fudge Search and Rescue Mission RCMP Police Dog Training Tania Voetjes van de vloer Page 61, no. 4: Rigo the doll puppy Page 61, no. 5: Rigo in doll bed Fred & Rigo ca. 1944 Fred, Jean, and Fern Richardson... and Rigo Pim loves standing with his nose in the wind 17-08-27_10-05-47_M4_8863 German Shepherd Clara Playing Jolly Ball -- Cleveland Cottage Deer Park (MD) August 2017 The Bear
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