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They're here already! Vines on tree Mean ol' catbriar Uhler's sundragon, immature male  (Helocordulia uhleri) Moss on felled trunk Elwyn John's snowbells Moss on rocks Savannah Georgia - Live Oak Avenue - Historical Winter cattails Berries in the Rain flowering quince - this week Warbler stayed for the winter Pond mist (03) Dramatic DC-3 Buckhead Backside Early onset budding (02) Locks & chain Sleepy Orange in small red morning glory Vancouver British Columbia - Canada -  Gastown Steam Clock District Citrine forktails - in wheel Nettles in winter sun Swift setwing in the setting sun The Sky Above - The Ground Below Zebra swallowtail nectaring - last April  (wild & rare) Side Track & Depot Giant swallowtail on crimson clover  (Papilio cresphontes) Froggy, froggy night (02) Night cars The Lines on Your Page of Memories Downtown
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