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Cresent Moon Over the Husk n101_w1150 Dirt Curve Monarch chrysalis - in the past hour Black saddlebags  (Tramea lacerata) Yoga Central mural, in progress Autumn pepper after rain Green anole sneaking into my flowers Talmo EAT  Infrared Colors of autumn (02) a lady Cloudless sulphur on red zinnia The Foyer / Georgia 2.0 Astro Boy By Cloud X Cruiser Hurricane Shoals County Park DSCF3561 an October Long-tailed skipper in lantana Sheep 2 Tbilisi, საქართველო (Georgia) New Hebron Front on Infrared Film Oakhurst tractor Dene ford Monarch on milkweed - passing thru this week Dr. Lott's Shop Tree Tunnel Monarch - one of 5 yesterday How Far to ... Autumn meadowhawk - in the mountains Corner of the Cabin Barnyard Art GA Tech library info commons west საქართველო (Georgia)
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