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Marche désertique B&W Art Basel 2016 Sapa composition Waves on a Cuboctahedron billboard Port Melbourne B&W Rust and Dirt Egyptian Snail The Direction Green Stripes Hand in Hand human in geometry Yoko San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico_SAM1713 kov'ski New Orleans, Louisiana Pentagonal Prism 6-Compound under Insulator Point the Way Numbering the edges of the truncated icosidodecahedron 3+3 rtw - 1614 Small ditrigonal icosidodecahedron Anarchy Cubo intergaláctico Giochiamo tutti a un gioco... more moodisometric? Ship from the dock, ship from shore
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 architecture, lines, abstract, building, blue, light, bw, urban, glass, sky
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