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28 апреля 2019, Светлое Христово Воскресение. ПАСХА / 28 April 2019, The Bright Resurrection of Christ. EASTER Boundary Conditions Blackpool Uni 5 (1 of 1) Geometric kantharos from Mantineia First weekend with iPhone 7 Plus IMG_3320_fix IMG_3310_fix IMG_3289_fix IMG_3094_fix IMG_3030_fix IMG_3027_fix IMG_3010_fix IMG_2955_fix IMG_2922_fix IMG_2919_fix IMG_2903_fix Inside the Torre de Cemare at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Cone of Criggerthulhu Study V (from the Book of Criggerthulhu) Sunset over Tokyo San Luis toilet window Broken Lines Geometry againANDagain Color block buildings.jpg Port Melbourne B&W 50/50 Floor 11-plum_ORNAMENTAL_12_and_a_half_inches_SQ_350dpi_melstampz 4-tangerine_BRIGHT_antique_dictionary_DREAM_definition_12_and_a_half_inches_SQ_350dpi_melstampz checker OVERLAY white with grey outline 12 and a half inch SQ 350dpi mel stampz East End, Ripon Cathedral, Ripon, North Yorkshire, England
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 abstract, architecture, lines, blue, building, light, art, geometry, urban, black
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