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Stained glass window at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Kids' play area in the PP orphanage Assembly Hall in PP Koh Pich/ Diamond Island district 'Executioner's Office' at Choeung Ek Bone fragments from the victims Clothes and bones from some of the victims Yet another mass grave Human skulls in the skulls stupa Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: S-21 The Gallows in Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: S-21 Implements for torture S-21-the gallows A tourist checks out the exhibition Classrooms converted into prison cells Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: S-21 Kigali Genocide Memorial, Rwanda _ARM4461-Edited.jpg Yerevan-Genocide-Mues-9.5x11.5-001.jpg Killing fields, Cambodia Planting rice Yerevan-City-Pics-021.jpg DSC08540 DSC08537 This one was heartbreaking - there are no words Imagine board after board filled with these photos of the victims S21 - the infamous torture prison in Phnom Penh that had once been a school The genocide memorial The most heartbreaking sight - the executioners would beat children against this tree to save on bullets Armenia05_9145 Genocide Memorial - St. Pierre Church, Kibuye
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