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Centro Storico (Historic Center)

Centro Storico (Historic Center)

At the heart of Genova beats the 'Centro Storico' This is the place where the Knights Templars spent their last days before heading for the badlands of Palestine.

Where Marco Polo who not long after returning from China was imprisoned, its where he dictated (He was dyslexic.) what was his life's adventures/experiences to a fellow prisoner named Rustichello.
the book was originally titled "A Description of the World"
but later changed to "The Travels of Marco Polo".
The book would inspire future explores one of which was a young Cristofo Columbus who walked these cobbled streets planning dreams that would become the United States of America.

Everywhere you look, history calling out to you.

I love this city, it's people, its food, the regional style & culture, the unusual dialect that for me is very difficult.
Probably one of the most beautiful locations in Italy and vastly underrated.
As it happens it's probably one of the safest cities in Italy, so if you the reader are ever thinking of traveling Genova and its region 'Liguria' are well worth the visit.




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Photo taken @ G on 30 July 2019 (© The Naked Ape / Flickr)

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