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STRANGE MARITIME STYLE DUMPING [LOCATED A GRAND CANAL DOCK]-145336 Shadow Man Mackerels in plastic boxes go on sale View of a local Market in Saigon from above #bike & #bath Guatemala - Sepur Zarco case: The Guatemalan women who rose for justice in a war-torn nation Al-Corniche (26th. of July), Alexandria, the Mediterranean, Egypt. semidiscarded peach Railway Cafe in Hanoi Marquesina Dog waste basket 2018 - Vancouver - Homeless Possessions - 3 of 3 trash bags at Dundas Square Roll of plastic garbage bags isolated on white background Garbage bags Shopping with plastic bags 2018 - Amsterdam - Waiting For Pick Up Parade of Garbage Containers POUBELLE DE PLAGE Spicy litter Throw Away Society_Greyfriars Lane_Coventry_Oct18 Shirley Manson Shirley Manson Garbage Garbage, B&W Shirley Manson, B&W Bin Bear Beat up car
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 trash, street, rubbish, urban, waste, litter, graffiti, city, nyc, abandoned
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