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OKIMG_1868 OKIMG_2244 OKIMG_2334 OKIMG_2365 Auto auf dem Schrottplatz nach einem Unfall mit Totalschaden Rokin -2019 And then I came to a fork in the road parking block sunset Garbage Collector Is Coming Day 064 Cleaning Up the Day Bulging Fence - Lordship Lane near railway bridge Rubbish on railway embankment, Lordship Lane N17 Vancity Alley Garbage on the Kuta beach, Bali The broken front of a vintage Mercedes and its lost star logo The front of an old crashed Mercedes w123 at a car junk yard Plastic Bottle in a Fence Mr Rubbishman Witch Retirement Litter Bugs Bug Me! STREET ART CREATED FROM GARBAGED ITEMS [BY BORDALO II]-153942 My WCT Garbage Dirty shopping center Brussels Welcome Rokin - 2019 red door, brol Rubbish dumping in Mitchley Road - 9 June 2019
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 trash, street, rubbish, urban, waste, litter, graffiti, city, nyc, abandoned
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