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Heaven's Door B&W Red Plastic Bag Balloon Garbage bins Trash and Debris Shattered Glass Cleaning Up Trash Cleaning Up Trash Trash Collected from Kasota Pond North Trash Discarded at Kasota Pond North Lordship Lane Embankment # 1 Alleyway between railway embankment and rear of homes in Pembury Road Lordship Lane N17  - nearing the railway bridge on 16 April 2019 Müll-Motorrad in Sapa Vietnam Garbage motocycle in Sapa Vietnam Back alley Seddon Atkinson Pacer Seddon Atkinson Pacer Crows and Texan Pickup Truck Inside Trash Polski-Fiat 125p Pick-Up Rubbish at the side of the footpath Litter Pickup Day Recycle . . .  don't pollute the Environment Beastie Boys/Paul's Boutique STREET ART BY BORDALO II[TARA STREET IN DUBLIN]-151596 Ardsley Highway Department Sanitation Division Something something out of water. Tapped out.
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