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I saw this today Rectangles And More Rectangles Laura, 2012 MGB - Avalanche Gallery Oberalp Pass Good Morning Mr Zip-Zip-Zip! 16-12-19 Hooked Up unconventionalpaintings.com Balloon fish swimming in the cafe, Tate Modern, London Plafond 15-05-15 Groeistuipen Blue is beautiful Little Piano in the grass Labrang monastery Modern art is so lovely! sam2 Copley Cows lined up Toledo Ohio - Toledo Museum of Art  - Exterior View - Historic Nerido Amber main gallery v3 Mappa della Sardegna The Vaulted Ceiling - Gallery of Maps The Gallery of Geographical Maps The Cholmondeley Ladies Mr and Mrs Carter Adoration of the Magi Jour d'accrochage / Hanging time 1200camA Grosvenor Chapel organ (looking west)
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