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Cumbre Nueva and the Aridane Valley at Night / La Palma 2018 NGC891 crop NGC891 Aurora Borealis in High Latitudes from the book William MacKenzie’s National Encyclopedia (1891), a colored illustration of the beautiful polar lights in the night sky. Digitally enhanced from our own original plate. autumn fog rainy morning Jellyfish Airplant 299/365 The Fog On a Train, In the Rain I stand here till spring Winter. Snow. Concrete 25 years of stunning definition untitled Moonset & Milky Way at JKT - 18.08.2018, La Palma Pleiades Milky Way at Emu Downs Wind Farm - Cervantes, Western Australia In the National Marine Aquarium Small part of the milky way 291/365 Bolder-Atlas by Brockhaus, printed in 1849, an antique drawing of vintage astrological spheres and charts and diagrams. Digitally enhanced from our own original lithograph. 301/365 300/365 297/365 295/365 294/365 293/365 Catching Rain 292/365 Cloudy night sky
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