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Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes - Beverley, Western Australia The Black Eye Galaxy Church in Montepulciano, Italy Milky Way at Boddington in Western Australia Milky Way and Burnt Tree Over the Ruins of Foster Lodge Scooter and Tram 28 in Lisbon NGC 1175 Obidos, Portugal, at night A Beautiful Whorl Arp 70 Milky Way at Beverley, Western Australia NGC 4111 Cat in Obidos, Portugal Shop in Obidos, Portugal Praça do Giraldo in Evora, Portugal Highway To Heaven Strange Black Hole in NGC 3147, variant Milky Way at Windy Harbour, Western Australia Personified: Brexit Galactic Cherry Blossom Sign in Obidos, Portugal Godzilla is saying, Hello Tokyo. On the beach at Nazare, Portugal Milky Way at Elephant Rocks - Denmark, Western Australia Across from Misericordia Church in Obidos, Portugal Twilight Zone Saga 2 Twilight Zone # AM 0001-505 UGC 7064 AM 0643-462
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