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Messier 105 Too fast VLA Very Large Array Radiotelescope, New Mexico 2008 Starfield Summer Milky Way - Island Point, Western Australia IC 1101 (Abell 2029) - First Draft Smokey Milky Way - Serpentine Dam IC342 - The Hidden Galaxy Vollmond, durch Blutmond mit Farbverlauf von orange bis violett mit sichtbaren Kratern Magellanic Clouds - Lake Clifton, Western Australia Messier Monday Frangipani or Plumeria blossoms in the big city (Bangkok) Frangipani or Plumeria blossoms in the big city (Bangkok) Milky Way Setting at Lake Ninan, Western Australia Antennae Galaxies - NGC 4038/NGC 4039 ESO 593-8 - The Bird Messier 89, variant Messier 89 IMG_6993 1 New KTV and Restaurant Interior Decoration at Galaxy Macu Nebel Spectacles on Sill M31 Cardboard Cow @ Royal Adelaide Show The Breakfast of Champions Between Two Train Carriages 雲瀑銀河.合歡山 Sir Donald Dunston IMG_20120120_222508 il faisait lourd ce soir là
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