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ChuanYue (without layout) No protests in this part of Hong Kong Maple Seed - Semence d'érable Hairy Flowers Maple Samara - Samare d'érable Beautiful Bokeh Slice Tomato Flower Pine Cones - Pommes de pin Bald Eagle Under the cover of darkness Cone of a Common Spruce - Cône d'Épicéa commun Montecatini - Nocturnal (35mm Ilford Delta 400 in Finol) Dinner is ready Xinjiang_1 Big Pink Long Shut Down Cement Plant Bermiego, Asturias. Building Valley Stuck in the future Bandujo, Asturias. Sunflower seed head - Tournesol en tête de semences Bandujo, Asturias. Waiting for more Little Reds Skewered Bandujo, Asturias. NEOPLAN Cityliner N1218HDL_PLÖCI678 Red Mouths Yellow Crown
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