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Yamada's shrine, Sabae-city (山田仙之助)

Yamada's shrine, Sabae-city (山田仙之助)

Burning leaves and branches in the distance produce smoke that catches the noon sun rays at this Shinto shrine with marker memorializing Mr. Yamada Sennosuke (1876-1947, machine loom fame). Shines that reference a specific historical figure of local, regional or national stature are not common, especially when there is a supplemental interpretive board with large photo of the man's face nearby. No wikipedia-Japan article online now, but there is one at the City of Sabae, www.city.sabae.fukui.jp/about_city/shinoshokai/sonota/sen...

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Photo taken @ 鯖江市 on 6 November 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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