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mild protest or rebuke - city hall demolishing city history

mild protest or rebuke - city hall demolishing city history

In the background is one of the shopping mall entrances where a weekly indoor farmers' market is hosted. Flowers seem to be featured today. But in the foreground is a large color printout of a digital picture that shows the excavated stone wall laid down to form the inner moat of the feudal lord's residence and governance center of the town, laid down early in the 1600s and ruled by the same Honda family line for 9 generations.

The yellow sticky-note asks, "did you see it?" The rest of the text had announced a final public viewing and witness and farewell to the rare sight, having been buried when the property was converted to an early public school yard and buildings. Then in the 1950s the present city hall was built.

Today's mayor has pressed for siting the new city hall where this historical archaeological site was found and was excavated down to the time horizon around the start of the Edo period, but perhaps there are earlier uses and artifacts below that. In the course of events leading to ground breaking there were several corners cut and slipshod process according to critics and outside observers. The same mayor is answering other accusations in court for improper process on different matters as of fall 2017.

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Photo taken @ Echizen-shi on 3 November 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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